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First Assembly Students

or FAST, is our exciting and growing student ministry for students in 6th - 12th grades. Our services feature high energy worship, deep and dynamic teachings, small groups, and several fun and impactful events throughout the year.

At FAST, our core values are Faithfulness to God, Acceptance of Others, Serving one Another, and fellowship through Tribal Community. We deeply believe in empowering students to lead their peers and giving them the opportunities to grow in THEIR faith, not just the faith of others. We encourage our students to ask all the tough questions regarding their faith, their doubts, and frustrations. Our team of incredible leaders are equipped to direct our students through a Biblical worldview lens, and are trained to patiently guide our students down the path Christ desires for them.

As part of the Alabama Youth Ministries Network, FAST participates in so many spiritually enhancing events such as Deeper, Youth Convention, AIM Mission Trips, AYM Summer Camps, G5 Conference, and Girls Conference. We also do our own Fall Retreat and mission trip to New York every summer. It's never boring at FAST!!!

If you're a student that is searching for truth in an atmosphere of genuine love and acceptance, we'd love for you to be our guest! Come see all that God is doing here and all He wants to do in YOUR life!